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"YES, Got Amazing Silver Spotted Bengal Kittens

And A Beautiful Blue-eyed Snow Marble of Champion Bloodlines Young Adult just Spayed and received all of her vaccinations and ready for her purrfect forever home, Call or Message here for more information...she is the perfect therapy cat...loving, devoted and playful and she is a beautiful registered purebred Snow Bengal.

Got Silver Bengal Kittens? 

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Above is our Beloved Truffles, our very first Snow Bengal who we did show in the Alter Class and she quickly became a Supreme Grand Champion Alter in T.I.C.A. and she is still a very beloved pet that hangs out with her Human Mother and believes she is Her Mother's Human Daughter and loves Mom's Makeup!


Our Bengals 

Margaichiarli Laurelin Lexapro of Bengaltherapy, a Silver Marble Bengal delivered by the Breeder all the way from Holland into our Arms and she is the Grandmother of Bengaltherapy Crown Jewel above.

Pairing of Bengaltherapy Crown Jewel Prozac, a silver seal spotted mink bengal on the Left with Sire, Rowan Sergeant Argent of Bengaltherapy, a black silver spotted bengal (son of the infamous Rowan Steely who has  been in commercials & cat food  advertisements for years )on your right here produced an Amazing litter of 6 silver spotted bengals which arrived early December and have been under observation., for our cattery....there are several of show quality from this litter....Please contact us here for more information and for  photos or see our FB page, which we try to keep up-to-date

Rowan Sergeant Argent of Bengaltherapy